Author of “Clinical Legal Education: Tracing The Growth”

Tell us about yourself ?

 I am from delhi, completed my schooling from DPS Noida and currently a 4th year law student at symbiosis Law school Pune. I like reading and researching.

Your Research Manuscript’s title is “Clinical Legal Education: Tracing the growth” What made you to incline towards that theme ?

 I have always empathised with the less privileged, field visits and personal encounters with people facing injustice due to economic barriers made me write about this.

Could you simplify and explain the meaning of clinical legal education ?

Clinical legal education is a mixture of ethics and legal knowledge, it makes law students understand the social implications of their decisions and actions.

Do you think a legislation implementing clinical legal education in our country will equip the citizens in a better way ?

 I definitely think a legislation is required

What according to you is the scope for clinical legal education in India ?

The enhanced participation by scholars,jurists and students point towards a bright future!


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