Tell us about yourself ?

 I am an enthusiastic and focused law student currently pursuing his professional degree course of BBA. LL. B (Hons.) from Alliance University, Bengaluru. I am specializing in IPR as Hons. and also hold keen interest in International Law and Tech Law. Writing has always been one of my  core habits and interests and I aims to put down my views in the best possible manner which can be understood by everyone and make the society aware of any such legal topic.

I am a person who is not under the boundary of an student’s scope and tend to out reach it’s extent and reach out the real world to get exposure not only about the legal issues or legal scenarios but also the marketing and management aspects as he belongs to a Commerce background. I wish to uncover all the sensitive topics and provide a solution to them in the form of suggesting legislations. I plan my future endeavours accordingly and wish to serve as a successful legal professional not only in my country India but also at an International level or abroad in other countries.

What motivated you to write about “Custodial deaths”? 

The Research Paper on “Custodial Deaths” was prepared by me in the 5th Sem of my law school. It is one of the most sensitive legal topic as because whenever we talk about crime or criminal law, this heinous crime hits the mind for sure. The public servants are not always right in exercising their authority and misuse their power to use upon their personal grudges. This is the right of every citizen to learn and get aware about these public officials negative sides.

In contrast, what further made you to work on a piece related to “insider trading”?

The Research Paper on “Insider Trading and the Role of Directors in a Company” was prepared by me in the 5th Sem of my law school. In every corporate sector insider trading is a major crime which destroys the reputation and the policies of a company. It is not a new or emerging method of crime but has been in picture since a long period of time. It should be learnt by every recent company to get aware of this wrongful act so that they can plan and overcome the effects accordingly




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