Tell us about yourself ?

 I am karpagam, a second year law student of BA.LLB(Hons) in VIT Chennai. I am from Thanjavur. Choosing legal profession as my career is the best thing I ever done in my life. Compare to others as a law student I have different way of thinking and have more confidence to express my view in every aspect. I have much intrest in criminal laws. I love to see myself as a satisfied person of my wishes rather than a successful person for other’s view 

What motivated you to write about “Dereliction of Duty During Surgery”?

During my 1st year of my college I had a minor surgery which is an unnecessary surgery for which I have to suffer for more than 3 months from which I had lost a lott. I read some books from which i understand the seriousness of the problem. There are many flaws when it come to medical profession which is need to be take care. Even a micro negligence can cause a person to lost his life. There are many negligence in medical field the reason I choose surgery part was because of my own experience. I felt that even a minor surgery made me  lost my 3 months when it comes to major surgeries how it will impact!!..

Please enumerate the relevance of the above-mentioned instance in the Indian Scenario?

Please enumerate the relevance of the above-mentioned instance in the Indian Scenario Compared to other countries in India the medical negligence is less in rate but we also have cases filed for different level of negligence. As for Indian Judiciary it has appropriate provisions for both the physician and the patient from which we can achieve fair justice 




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