About Us


How we do ?

Your postulation of research work undergoes three readings in three different committees. We work just the way our Parliament does. Hence, titled “the Senatus.”

The First Reading Committee:

We gather in-depth knowledge concerning the subject-matter of all the submitted manuscripts for the purpose of cross-checking. We verify it thoroughly and pass it further to the other committees.

The Second Reading Committee:

We are the grammar Nazis of La Senatus Scriptors. We not only look into grammar but also wrong usage of words and inappropriate sentence formation. This strict scrutiny is applied for the benefit of readers.

The Third Reading Committee:

We look into the originality of the content. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. We approve research manuscripts for publication only when it is genuine in its entirety

What we do ?

We, La Senatus Scriptors engage ourselves in appreciating every student’s blood and sweat in research work. This platform encourages expressionism from young minds. It is believed that in order to have perfect articulation, one must know to write remarkably. We have imbibed this principle and are looking for the same in young, vibrant and passionate lawyers. Legal field is itself a beautiful patchwork of distinguished lawyers. We are pleased to provide this platform for igniting the same spirit of lawyerism. We motivate budding lawyers by masterminding novel competitions. A groundbreaking feature of this journal is the attachment of Editorial Reports along with Research Manuscripts. We furnish the required details to students for self-assesment.

La Senatus Scriptors adhere to COPE guidelines.

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