Our Team

La Senatus Scriptors is an initiative in the legal fraternity by extremely exuberant individuals. The entire end in view behind this journal is to mould a complete legal-friendly platform for anyone who is passionate about research and its nuances. This journal comprises of four crews: The Research and Publication Crew; The Juriscriptor Crew; The Editorial Crew; and The Dispatching Crew. All the mentioned crews collectively work in enhancing the dimensions of this journal. We believe ideal competitions bring committed competitors and that’s our mantra for a standardized research-work publication platform. We don’t compromise on our commitments.


Mrs. Geethanjali,

1/2 A, New Thilai Nagar 1st Avenue, 9th Street Vadavalli, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu-641041

Mail: scriptors@lasenatusscriptors.com


Mr. Viyyash Kumar & Ms. Jumanah Kader


Adv. K.R. Sankaran, B.Com., B.L.,

‘DWARAKA’ 29, Sengupta Road, Ramnagar, Coimbatore – 641009

Mail: Kr_sankaran@yahoo.com

The Research and Publication Crew

We post announcements regarding the call for papers. We have a separate team for examining the extent of research done in a particular avenue. We put research manuscripts into the peer-review process. When it gets a seal for publication, we publish it with all due credits.

The Juriscriptor Crew

We plan and host numerous competitions for aggrandizing holistic approach in research among students. We come up with innovative ideas for building self-esteem and team spirit via healthy competitions. We are duty bound to judge unbiasedly.

The Dispatching Crew

Healthy competition revolves around compliments and accolades. We dispatch certificates, trophies, cash prizes and all other form of rewards to the exceptionals as declared by the Juriscriptor Crew. We are responsible for this mighty task filled with admiration

The Editorial Crew

A Bill undergoes three readings in each House before it is submitted to the president for assent in our Parliament. Similarly, your postulation of research work undergoes three readings in three different committees. We work just the way our Parliament does except that we don’t make laws here.

To avail internship opportunities, membership in editorial commitee, research and publication crew, and student ambassadorship, kindly mail your resume to scriptors@lasenatusscriptors.com. Do not contact members of editorial board without obtaining prior permission from the team.

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