Evolution Of International Aviation Law


Air travel commences from the Period when Balloons were considered to be the only source of going in the air, an essential aspect of balloons was that they were not driven with the very will of the human beings, but were flown by the rules of weather. During the early years, the Balloons were lifted on a trial basis, by the Montgolfier brothers, with putting a sheep, a rooster, and bird within the Balloons, by this the brothers wanted to check the impact of the height upon the animals. Eventually, for the very first time, 7 humans were taken aboard on the balloon, and as soon this event took place, in 1784 Paris police ordered legislation forbidding balloon flights without any special permits. This seems uncanny, that just when there was an involvement of human beings in the conduct of balloons, there was an evolution of legislation. However, it did seem fair in terms of the anticipation of the incidents that could have taken place.

Authored by – Anmol Agarwal, Maharashtra National Law University, Mumbai & Prapti Allagh, UPES Faculty of law