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Internally Displaced Persons And Breach Of National Sovereignty: Contentions And The Way Forward


Protect People? or Protect Sovereignty? During a crisis this the dilemma faced by those in the national government. Apropos international development, no nation is truly sovereign. Greater interests and a global world have crisscrossed our interests and made us dependent on each other. More importantly global citizens have a responsibility to help keep the world safe and free from civil disruption and terrorism. The United Nations Charter frequently stresses on the involvement of the Security Council and chapter seven determines the order of action to be taken by countries in such situations.

Authored By Tejas Sateesha Hinder and Ritik Kumar Rath, National Law Institute University, Bhopal.

Better Late than Never-Vermont bans Police Chokeholds and mandates Body Cams.


On 13th July 2020, Governor of Vermont i.e. Phill Scott gave green light to a new law bill. This bill mandates the police personnel to wear body cams on duty and forbids them to use chokeholds while arresting someone. This legislation prohibits the use of any maneuver on a person that applies pressure to the neck, throat, windpipe, or carotid artery that may prevent or hinder breathing, reduce intake of air, or impede the flow of blood or oxygen to the brain. The author will try to throw some light on the history of racism in the USA and will give his critique on such laws.

Authored by Shaurya Shukla, Chanakya National Law University, Patna.