The perennial images and videos of numerous labourers walking back home with young children and women, having no other means to survive but to go back to their hometown was a catastrophic sight to see for the entire country. That being said it is nothing new that the oppressed class always needs to bear the hardships of life which is ironic considering the existing miserable lives they are leading! Now let’s focus our attention towards the backbone of the industrial sector i.e. the labourers. I shall be emphasizing on the hardships they had to go through during this time and also the legal provisions that were and are available to them. I will also be discussing about how the labour laws could be eased and reformed for their welfare. The reason it is of prime importance not only in relation towards the well- being, but also for the entire country in general, is because if they are not taken care of, economy will cripple in seconds!

Authored by Gagana S, Ramaiah College of Law.

Effect of COVID-19 on Refugee Camps and their Livelihoods


The COVID-19 pandemic has spread rapidly and widely; the volume of cases worldwide has now surpassed ten million.Several governments reacted with an escalating spectrum of strategies including extensiveindustry and border closures. While some countries are cautiously starting up to emerge from their lockdowns, some form of containment regulations are likely to continue in place in several countries for the future months.

Authored by Abhay Singh, Lucknow University