Bois Locker Room: Is India’s Youth In Safer Hands?


The “Bois locker room” incident was an Instagram scandal that allegedly involved an Instagram group which was created and handled by a few teenagers studying from prominent school in Delhi. The conversation on that group chat was flooded by offensive comments, sharing of an objectionable picture of the minor girls, morphing them using abusive language. It all started on 3rd of May 2020; an Instagram chat group was inundated with abhorrent misogynistic comments, sharing photos of underage girls, objectifying them and planning “gang-rapes”.
The group involved teenagers who were more than 26 members educating themselves from an “elite private school”. However, the later news revealed that a minor girl used a fake identity of another named “Sidharth” who was a minor boy and decided to sexually assault herself in the group chat. The idea behind this was to check the reaction of the receiver and to test the character of that person.

Authored By Divya Bothra, VITSOL, Chennai.