The capacity to work productively is a key component of health and emotional well-being. Common Mental Disorders (CMDs) are associated with reduced workplace productivity. It is anticipated that this impact is greatest in developing countries. Furthermore, workplace stress is associated with a significant adverse impact on emotional wellbeing and is linked with an increased risk of CMDs. This review will elaborate on the relationship between workplace environment and psychiatric morbidity. The evidence for mental health promotion and intervention studies will be discussed. A case will be developed to advocate for workplace reform and research to improve mental health in workplaces in developing countries in order to improve the wellbeing of employees and workplace productivity.

Authored by Pooja Shrivastav, IME Law College.

Diversity in International Arbitration


In the world of International Arbitration, one could only see the space is being dominated by stereotypical white men and the substantial absence of diversity. In 2015, the “Arbitration Pledge” was drawn up in acknowledgment of the lack of women in arbitral tribunals by representatives of the international arbitration community. But it’s worth remembering that the absence of diversity goes beyond gender, cultural and geographical diversity are missing too. In this new age, where women all over the globe are fighting for equality and equity, a diverse board in arbitration will improve the diverse viewpoints will contribute to better choices and the consistency of decision making.

Authored by Roudro Mukhopadhyay, OP Jindal University.

Female Abuse through Social Networking Sites


‘The scars from mental cruelty can be as deep and long-lasting as wounds from punches or slaps but are often not as obvious’- Lundy Bancroft. This article intends cover the nitty gritty of female abuse through social media and look into the effects and provisions regarding the same followed by a self-concluded necessitated future action. There is no overstating the fact that female abuse through social networking sites often goes unnoticed or unreported which is a major concern in the present scenario. According to PEN America, online abuse is the, “pervasive or severe targeting of an individual or group online through harmful behavior”. The reason this article is focusing primarily on one gender is because women are abused online to a greater extent compared to men. Though the ratio of male to female internet users is 60:40, there are more reports of female abuse.

Authored by Gagana Srinivas, Ramiah College of Law, Bangalore.

Norway’s Righteous Decision of upholding the LGBTQ rights along with refugee rights


Aftermath the impact of COVID-19, Norway has come forward with a commendable decision of prioritizing the people from the LGBTQ community. For the first time in history, refugees belonging to the LGBTQ community will be given priority both as a group and as an individual when transferring refugees are selected. A transfer refugee is a refugee who is getting transferred to a different country for permanent settlement. In nearly 70 countries homosexuality is a criminal offence and where it is decriminalized, people consider it as a taboo and due to this, people of LGBTQ community are subjected to harsh discrimination. Amid these, such decision of the Norwegian government is a quite an appreciable step. The deadly COVID-19 pandemic laid a drastic impact on the transferring of refugees. Transfer of refugees is stopped temporarily but the work will resume as soon as the situation becomes a bit normal.

Authored by Shaurya Shukla, Chanakya National Law University, Patna.

Comparitive Study of Abortion Rights in India and U.S.A


Termination of the child in the womb is abortion. Throughout history, and even today, the abortion rights of woman are a debatable issue. The decision on this topic is a tough choice between the personal beliefs on morality of induced abortion and the limits set by the government for legal abortion. It is the individual right of the woman to pursue what makes her happy. A woman’s reproductive and sexual health, shape her reproductive choices. Reproductive rights are now internationally recognised as critical in both advancing woman’s rights and in promoting development. Government plays a crucial role in promoting reproductive rights of woman. They have formulated formal laws and policies. Every woman has an absolute right and control over her own body, known as bodily rights.

Authored by Subhashini.S, SASTRA, School of Law.

Medical Termination of Pregnancy: A View From the Lens of Humanitarianism


Feminism has gained a global momentum. Various movements and legislations are helping place women and men in the same societal footing. Thanks to social media and the increasing open mindedness of the society, social taboos against women are being shed and the problems faced by them are brought to light more often than not. Termination of pregnancy is one such practice which is gaining a slow, yet gradual global recognition.

Authored by Gopalakrishnan, R R, SASTRA School of Law