Dowry System In Saudi Arabia


Dowry means any property or valuable security given or agreed to be given either directly or indirectly by one party to a marriage to another party to the marriage. It is usually the bride’s family giving dowry to the groom. But in the case of Arab people it is the opposite. The groom has to pay a big sum of money demanded by the bride’s family after which the marriage is said to happen. This is a religious practise which is still being followed by many Arab people. However Arab people in general are not accountable to law for either offering or accepting dowry. It is a common social practise in which women feel privileged to be offered.

Authored by Subhashini.S, SASTRA School of Law.

Rights of an Arrested Person in Kenya


Like Indian Constitution, Republic of Kenya also has its own Constitution viz. Constitution of Kenya, 1963 to which lots of amendments have been made and the latest and the major amendment was in the year 2010. More than 67% of the Kenyan population accepted the amendment made in the year 2010. Chapter Four of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 talks about the Bill of Rights and Part Two of Chapter Four talks about Rights and Fundamental Freedom of citizens of Kenya. In this Article let us see the Rights of arrested person of Kenya. Article 49, Part Two, Chapter Four of Constitution of Kenya talks about the Rights of Arrested person.

Authored by Subhashini.S, SASTRA, School of Law.