The LGBT community who suffered the most to carry on their relationships did not grant Constitutional sanctity to legally recognized as married couples and still the marriage between same-sex couples is an offense in the eyes of the Law. Due to their unnatural Love and affection, The LGBT community has faced a lot of struggles, warp and obstacles maintaining the dignity of their relationship. This article is all about the present condition of the LGBT group and why they don’t get any legal recognition for their married life.

Authored by Aman Verma, Bharati Vidyapeeth University.

Norway’s Righteous Decision of upholding the LGBTQ rights along with refugee rights


Aftermath the impact of COVID-19, Norway has come forward with a commendable decision of prioritizing the people from the LGBTQ community. For the first time in history, refugees belonging to the LGBTQ community will be given priority both as a group and as an individual when transferring refugees are selected. A transfer refugee is a refugee who is getting transferred to a different country for permanent settlement. In nearly 70 countries homosexuality is a criminal offence and where it is decriminalized, people consider it as a taboo and due to this, people of LGBTQ community are subjected to harsh discrimination. Amid these, such decision of the Norwegian government is a quite an appreciable step. The deadly COVID-19 pandemic laid a drastic impact on the transferring of refugees. Transfer of refugees is stopped temporarily but the work will resume as soon as the situation becomes a bit normal.

Authored by Shaurya Shukla, Chanakya National Law University, Patna.