Inclusion Of Gaming Disorder In The International Classification of Disease


The World Health Organization classified Gaming Disorder as a mental illness caused due to excessive gaming. This inclusion has divided the opinions of people as the decision is both praised as well as condemned. In this article, we will study about this condition and determine the validity of the decision. The World Health Organization in their 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases added Gaming Disorder in the group of ‘Disorders due to addictive behaviours’. This inclusion ended up creating quite a controversy as many people criticized the decision. There was a clash of opinions all over the world. Digital and video games are immensely popular amongst the masses. In fact, to such an extent that it is estimated to be more profitable than the movie making business. Gone are the days when video games were a form of entertainment for just kids, with the amount of popularity it has garnered over the years, teens and adults equally divulge in it. However, it has been observed that people end up spending too much time playing these games. To say that people are not addicted to it would be an understatement, as some people have come forward to seek help in order to stop their gaming addiction, but naming it as a disorder and classifying it with the likes of gambling addiction is where the questions start arising.

Authored by Sharyu Rumde, School of Law, Mumbai University

Medical Termination of Pregnancy: A View From the Lens of Humanitarianism


Feminism has gained a global momentum. Various movements and legislations are helping place women and men in the same societal footing. Thanks to social media and the increasing open mindedness of the society, social taboos against women are being shed and the problems faced by them are brought to light more often than not. Termination of pregnancy is one such practice which is gaining a slow, yet gradual global recognition.

Authored by Gopalakrishnan, R R, SASTRA School of Law

The Influence of Continuing Medical Education (CME) in Maintaining Competency of Healthcare Professionals


Healthcare professionals are considered by many to be akin to God. This field is developing very day to suit the needs of the patients hence the knowledge of medicine is never enough. Some doctors even say they further they are away from medical school they less knowledge they seem to have. This problem is solved by CME, which updates the medical professionals with knowledge of newer development in the medical field.

Authored by A. Keerthikah
School of Law, Mumbai University.