The US – Iran Conflict: A Breach Of International Law


The very purpose for the origination of the International law was aimed towards endorsing economic and social growth alongside furthering international concord and security. The particular article addresses the prevailing conflict between US and Iran alongside bringing light to the instances of breach of International law by the same. This article discloses several prudent occurrences such as the 1983 Beirut barrack bombings, Iran-contra scandal, the infamous “Axis of evil”, 2013 nuclear deal as well as the shootdown of RQ-4A which proved to be monumental happenings in those times thereby shaping the present relation. Detailed analysis of violation of principles of International law by the United States and Iran has been portrayed through incidents, for instance, the hostage crisis, the notorious killing of Qasem Soleimani, attacks on US base by Iran and the disreputable Muslim ban. Lastly, the article manoeuvres to improve the diplomatic relations between the two nations safeguarding the inviolability of International law.

Authored By Akashmika Jena, University Law College, Vani Vihar.