Big Data: As a Hot Topic


The advent of technology and internet forums has accelerated global economic growth. This greatly facilitated the process of collecting, processing and spending money on price trading in the hands of large companies and start-ups. Often referred to as ‘big data’, this concept calls for a large amount of high-quality data collected and processed by computer software to produce unique data for high-value commercial data. whether big data use affects market competition. Even under compulsory provision, access to big data can lead to unethical behaviour. For example, large businesses need to enter into special agreements with data companies’ analysts and data providers to gain competitively competitive data. They can also predict the market by making it difficult for their users to use or accept their competitors’ platform.

Authored by Rupa Paul, Amity University, Kolkata.

Why Do We Need a Legislation for End-to-End Encryption- Pros and Cons?


The debate over whether or not to ban end-to-end encryption is likely to intensify in the second half of 2019 and into 2020. Recently, high-level officials from the Trump administration met to discuss a potential crackdown on end-to-end encryption. At a meeting of the National Security Council, U.S. government officials weighed the pros and cons of end-to-end encryption. The issue has bubbled to the surface intermittently ever since 2014, when NSA contractor Edward Snowden first publicized the mass surveillance programs of the U.S. government.

Authored by Parth Bathla, FIMT, GGSIPU, Delhi.