International Consumer Law: What Is It All About?


Increasing effort has been invested in the internationalization of client law. Some of the recent massive international purchaser regulation–related scandals (e.g., Dieselgate, Facebook) demonstrate the rising relevance of and the want for international patron law. This paper argues that the efforts closer to the internationalization of consumer law should recognition, first, on the establishment of worldwide familiar minimal standards of client safety (as it has been done through the United Nations Guidelines on Consumer Protection) and, 2d, on the development and facilitation of cooperation as a vital prerequisite for the efficient protection of purchasers (because it has been initiated by means of the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network), in place of at the harmonization of significant patron law. This isn’t always simplest because coordination among diverse nations within the place of client safety is simpler to attain in exercise thru a coverage method instead of significant harmonization, however additionally due to the fact coordination in practice is an instrument that, because it stands now, is capable of supplying a better level of protection to clients than major harmonization.

Authored by -Nandini Tripathy, Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad