Space Tourism And Its Legality


The advent of space tourism demands the law of outer space to change according to the recent developments and participation of private players. Lack of legislation caused much perplexity on position of space tourist. The legal aspects of authorization, liability, registration, etc. and their impact on space tourism have been discussed. With the emergence of efficient legislation, there is massive potential that space tourism with witness great opportunities with enhanced cooperation across the globe.

Authored by Divyanshi Gupta, Faculty Of Law, Lucknow University.

Frontiers Unexplored The Unmapped ‘Space Law’ Territory


On 27 March, 2019, India triumphantly tested indigenously built Anti-Satellite (A-SAT) missile and showcased her ‘earlier underestimated’ scientific competence with respect to space dominion. In spite of meticulous advancement and flourishing technical know-how of the unchartered outer space jurisdiction; too little is known about the laws guarding that very area. Preserving the natural resources abundantly found in outer space requires a channelized mechanism conjoined with targeted policy intervention and active juxtaposition of good governance principles.

Authored by Sanighdha, University Institute Of Legal Studies, Punjab University, Chandigarh.