Sports field is one of the fields of fame where people were made to express their sportsmanship in order to attaining greatness. But due to the intervention of politics, corruption, drugs, etc the sacredness of sports are put on to a jeopardical situation and when such issues were taken to the judiciary due to the piled-up cases the justice gets delayed which affects the athletes both in terms of career and life. So, in order to avoid such circumstances, the process of Arbitration was used, which is an outside court settlement falls under the ambit of Arbitration and Dispute Resolution.

Keywords: Sports, Arbitration, India, Athlete, ICAS

Authored by B.Jayasuriyan, Saveetha School Of Law.

How Law Regulates Sports- A Brief Analysis On International Sports Arbitration


The sports industry is about more than just entertainment. Instead, it is an industry-created by intertwined partnerships with several separate groups, including players, sports organizations, federations, sports clubs, and so forth. Over the years, the sports market has expanded, and the modern world sports industry is predicted to expand in the next few years to over USD 100 billion. The Court of Arbitration for Sport in Switzerland has been forming the limits of international sports conflict resolution since its foundation. The number of cases taken to the CAS indicates that it works like a global leader in the arbitration of international sports. In addition, the fact that the acceptance of the CAS by the laws of major sports institutions has a considerable effect on the reputation of the CAS in international sports arbitration is unquestionable

Authored by Roudro Mukhopadhyay, OP Jindal University.