Dendias invokes international law in Twitter exchange with Turkish counterpart


Greek Secretary of State Nikos Dendias has reacted to a tweet by his Turkish counterpart on recently urged that him to among them “stop inquiring for facilitate from others” and to “settle our variations equitably.”. “By the means that. There is one issue Mevlut you forgot to mention but again: it’s law. The only real basis for a constructive dialogue regarding our distinction, my dear friend. Happy 2021!” Dendias tweeted. On the preceding day, Cavusoglu reacted to comments by Dendias over the weekend among that he said that the European Council need to have gone any in penalizing Turkey over its prohibited activities among the Japanese Mediterranean. “Dear Niko, here’s some friendly recommendation for the year — stop inquiring for facilitate from others and injuring the Greek people’s dignity. May 2021 be the year once we have a tendency to settle our variations equitably by talking directly, sincerely, and seriously,” Cavusoglu said.

Authored by Urfi Ansari, Rizvi law College.