Author of “Legalization Of Marijuana”

Tell us about yourself ?

Young , energetic and funny  law students from SASTRA Deemed University (2nd year) who likes to gain more knowledge.

Your Research Manuscript’s title is “Legalization Of Marijuana.” What made you two to incline towards that theme ?

This idea came to our minds when we saw our friends smoking marijuana nowadays. We were literally shocked when we saw our friends smoking weed. We thought to learn about the laws of  marijuana so that my friends will know the loss and gain.

Could you tell us how is marijuana different from other drugs?

Medical applications are more varied, often more effective, and have less harmful side effects then other controlled substances like opioids. Also has been clinically proven to fight certain cancers, and slow others.

What does right to health mean and under which part of the Constitution the same is guaranteed ?

The World Health Organization defines the right to health as “a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” States should ensure both freedoms and entitlements. In India, judiciary has played a major role in recognizing the right to health as a part of Article 21 of Chapter III which deals with the fundamental right guaranteed under Indian constitution.

Do you both think legalization of marijuana will benefit the citizens? If so, how?

Definitely it will benefit citizens. It is scientifically proven that marijuana fights cancer and there are many other benefits which we clearly mentioned in our research paper titled “LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA”.


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