Authors of “Comparitive Analysis Into The Lifes Of People In The Kashmiri Valley”

Tell us about yourself ?

I am Sidharth Sethunath, a final year law student at Ramaiah College of Law, Bangalore. I’m a person who is very much interested and passionate about the geopolitical affairs around the globe. As a law student, I was able to attend various MUN’s around the country and debate out the current geopolitical issues going around the world. 

I am Safal Tom, a final year law student at Cochin University of Science and Technology. I also the Co-founder and CEO of Asian Mun Circuit a non-profit organization and also servers as the Secretary of Global Youth India Kerala chapter.

What motivated you to work on a research piece related to the Kashmir people and their livelihood?

The people of Kashmir are a community that requires a lot of concern and help now. This urged me to direct my research paper in this direction. One of their biggest income-generating industries, before 1990 was the tourism sector which fell drastically lately. Due to the sub-zero climatic conditions, the labour force in Kashmir is often engaged in low effort requiring tasks. They hire people from nearby states for other works. Thus, a good amount of money earned by Kashmiris is siphoned out of the state. This is something that hinders the development of the state.

Describe in your words the beauty of Kashmir.

Kashmir is a place of immense beauty. With its gushing rivers, shiny waterfalls, picturesque surroundings, and the lush green forests, it has always appealed tourists despite many internal issues. The surreal beauty of its gorgeous valleys has often been portrayed by numerous poets. It is one place that every Indian takes pride in and dreams to visit. Words would seem insufficient to describe the beauty of this wonderful place.

In your view, what kind of a statue would make the lives of Kashmir people better?


I believe that creating a new statute for Kashmir is the solution to the current problems. It would lead to more issue rather than solving the problem. The solution to the current situation is to make sure that the people of Kashmir receive all the rights granted to them by our constitution and a proper mechanism to ensure that. Perhaps a judicial committee to inspect the proper implementation of fundamental rights might help in this.



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