Tell us about yourself ?

I am P. Gayathri currently pursuing my 2nd year BBA.LLB(hons) from VIT,Chennai. I have intense interest on social problem and in what ways we can help them out.I am looking forward to showcase my talent in various platform.

What motivated you to write on violence against women? 

India even though being a democratic country still the equality and the opportunity is not provided to women in our society.The suffering of women is not being put into light in major of cases from physical violence to mental pressure.And especially in the corona time the violence is been drastically increased.Women’s need to speak up with their problem’s is what motivated me to write about violence against women.

How is human trafficking relevant here?

Although illegal under Indian law, human trafficking remains a significant problem in this country – and women and girls pay the highest price. Women and girls are forced to enter into prostitution without their consent using force on them. They are been affected in negative way both mentally and physically which is a violence and it ruins their bright future.




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